Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My new skills

Back in May (yes I am finally getting to write about it!) I decided to do something that I've wanted to do for so long. I tried teaching myself calligraphy when I was planning our wedding but it never quite worked out. So I finally took a calligraphy class through community ed at a local high school. My crafty friend Kelly and I signed up together and got to spend some girl time being creative. It was once a week for six weeks and it was so much fun! I cannot believe how much I learned in six weeks. Really, you should have seen some of my work week 1...HORRID! The instructor is going to be offering another class in the fall and teaching a different technique so we will be making sure we sign up for that one as well.

Remember this picture from yesterday??

 Invites for my grandma's birthday had to be sent out right after the last week of class so I practiced extra hard and decided to use my new found skills to add a special touch to the invitations for her special birthday. I knew trying to use calligraphy for the envelopes would be way too much for me. So I decided to just write her name on the actual invites.
See! I did that!!!
Proud of myself, can't you tell??

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